Food Safety: Lessen the pesticide exposure

When you healthy fruits and vegetables you may feel more energized, knowing that you are providing the required nutrition to your body. Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest ingredients you can consume. Many farmers spray vegetables and fruits with different kinds of pesticides during their growing period for keeping the pests away. Pesticides are chemicals which are produced to keep fungi, bugs and other types of pests from consuming plants and produce. If you would like to know more about pesticides, you can test yourself with this fun Health IQ quiz.

Pesticides are sprayed on the crops in a field, and they are still on a skin of vegetables and fruits you buy at a grocery store. For many individuals, pesticides are not the enormous concern. They are regulated properly so that pesticides are not applied to vegetables and fruits in the harmful amounts.  They can develop in your body after several years of severe pesticide exposure, another cause why pesticides are especially dangerous for young children and pregnant women.

Pesticide exposure or ingestion can cause behavioral problems, disorders, and issues with the motor skills.  Any vegetable or fruit which is consumed without removing its skin is truly going to include a huge amount of pesticides. When you peel the skin off, you will surely avoid those pesticides. Some food items tend to include an increased level of pesticides that includes nectarines, peaches, grapes, strawberries, cherries, apples, spinach, potatoes, celery, bell peppers and much more. Few produce includes few amount of pesticides that include mangoes, bananas, papaya, kiwi fruit, avocado, onions, asparagus, sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower and sweet peas.

If you want to limit the pesticide exposure, you look for the perfect and safe alternative particular if you are feeding a baby or are pregnant.  You should stick to organic foods which are grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Many produce sprays and cleansers are available to remove the pesticides, so you can choose and use the right one.   Alternatively, you can scrub the produce by using a strong brush under water for getting pesticides or chemicals off skins. If you desire to gather additional information regarding the best way to get rid of pesticides, you should visit